Skopje justice system annuled four war crimes cases

The last of the four war-crimes cases concerning atrocities originally alleged to have been committed by former ethnic Albanian rebels during the 2001 armed conflict have been annulled by the Macedonian justice system.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor’s Office in Macedonia stated that it had given up from further prosecution in the so-called “NLA leadership” case.

Following a political decision made by the Macedonian parliament, the prosecution previously did the same with the other three highly controversial cases that some believed could rekindle the flames of ethnic disputes of the past.

Amnesty International, in September asked the Macedonian government to reverse the decision for abandoning the four cases.

“The parliament’s decision is clearly inconsistent with international law and will leave the victims and their relatives without access to justice,” Sian Jones, Amnesty International’s researcher on the Western Balkans, said at that time.

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