CoE official meets with serb leaders in North Kosovo

CoE Political Affairs Committee Rapporteur on Kosovo Committee Bjorn von Sydow met in Kosovska Mitrovica with heads of four Serb municipalities in the north.

The meeting on Wednesday focused on the situation on the ground, issues related to the return of property, internally displaced persons and Kosovska Mitrovica’s court, Sydow stated.

“In my opinion, it is of immense importance to have an effective court,” Sydow told journalists following the meeting, and announced that in mid-November he will inform the Political Affairs Committee about the situation in Kosovo, and later write a report and present it to the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE).

He recalled that in early October presidents of four municipalities in the northern part of Kosovo demanded in writing a visit from the CoE special representative, and that is the reason for his arrival.

“We agreed to continue with contacts. I am hopeful that the talks between Belgrade and Priština will be resumed and that it would be possible to find solutions for technical issues,” he said.

Sydow added that presidents of four municipalities in the north of Kosovo were satisfied with the report which he put forward to the PACE a month ago, and president of the municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica Krstimir Pantić confirmed that.

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