Bulgarian President visits Azerbaijan for gas deal

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov will make an official visit to Azerbaijan Monday to finalize a deal to purchase 1 B cubic meters of Azeri natural gas for Bulgaria’s demands.

The visit, set to also include Bulgarian Minister of Economy and Energy Traicho Traikov, is part of a long-term strategy on the part of the Bulgarian state to diversify its gas imports, the vast majority of which are coming from Russia.

“1 B cub.m. of natural gas will be delivered to Bulgaria. This is a resource that we can use in for our economy or resell to other markets,” said Parvanov.

The amount has been confirmed during an earlier September visit of Minister Traikov to the Caspian former Soviet republic.

According to the latest plans, the gas is to flow into Bulgaria via Georgia, Turkey and Greece, once the Bulgaria-Greece gas network interconnections are ready in 2014.

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