Croatia orders release of war crimes suspect Boljkovac

Constitutional Court orders release of 89-year-old former interior minister, detained over killings that took place in 1945.

Boljkovac was released from custody on Tuesday evening after the court upheld an appeal from Boljkovac’s attorney, Anto Nobilo.

The lawyer said Croatia’s current criminal law should have been applied to the case, not the previous law code, which had been applied.

Boljkovac was arrested on the November 2 and charged with command responsibility for the killings of 21 prisoners in May 1945 after the Second World War had ended.

His arrest underlined continuing ideological sensitivities in Croatia over the rights and wrongs of the postwar Communist takeover.

Boljkovac, who was detained in a prison hospital due to his poor health, said after his release that “justice has prevailed”, adding that he was still angry with the police and officials for opening the case.

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