Greece will keep same position after ICJ Macedonia ruling

After the International Court of Justice declared that Greece broke a UN agreement by blocking Macedonia’s membership of NATO, Athens says it will not change its course.

Greek leaders have made it clear that Athens does not plan to radically change its policy towards Macedonia as a result of the World Court judgment.

“Greece will continue to pursue [UN led] negotiations in good faith to reach a mutually acceptable solution,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said on Monday after the ICJ judgment was announced in The Hague.

The ICJ ruled that Greece had breached an interim deal, brokered by the UN in 1995, when it blocked Macedonia’s attempt to join NATO in 2008.

Under the terms of the UN deal, Greece was obliged not to prevent Macedonia from joining international organisations as long it used a provisional UN reference, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Hague court broadly upheld Macedonia’s case, but did not accept other Macedonia’s demand, that Greece be ordered to stop blocking Macedonia from joining the EU and NATO.

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