Bosnia’s Croats say the Bosniaks are responsible for political situation

After Croat parties say they offered major concessions to help form a state government, Social Democrat leader says demands to form Croat entity have worsened the political climate.

Croat and Bosniak [Muslim] parties in Bosnia have accused one another of blocking the formation of a state government 14 months after the last general election.

The country’s biggest Croat parties, the Croatian Democratic Union in Bosnia, the HDZ BiH, and its sister party, HDZ 1990, after a joint meeting in Mostar, said the mainly Bosniak Social Democrats and Party of Democratic Action, SDA, had blocked the formation of a new government by making unreasonable demands.

The two Croat leaders, Dragan Covic and Bozo Ljubic, said they had offered significant giveaways to bring about a power-sharing deal, but without result.

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