Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia to co-operate on wartime missing persons

At a meeting on Mt Vlasic, representatives of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia discussed the future of the search for and identification of missing persons, and agreed to continue co-operation.

Representatives of the International Commission on Missing Persons, ICMP, Bosnia’s Institute for Missing Persons, INO, the Commission for Detained and Missing Persons of the Croatia and the Commission for Missing Persons of the Serbia noted that almost 70 per cent out of an estimated 40,000 persons registered as “disappeared” during the wars of the 1990s have now been found.

At the meeting on December 8 and 9 on Mt Vlasic, the participants agreed that the remaining missing persons will be harder to find as “the amount of additional information about the locations is decreasing”.

Participants discussed the need for a regional list of missing persons and bilateral agreements for dealing with cases of missing persons.

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