Northern Kosovo Serbs present way for peace

N. Kosovo Serb leaders presented Wednesday a peace initiative to act as a temporary solution to the current crisis in the province international reps in Kosovo.

The Serbs presented the initiative to KFOR, EULEX, UNMIK and OSCE at a regular meeting between the representatives of the local self-governments in northern Kosovo and the international institutions in the town of Zvečan.

The document recommends that the existing impasse be overcome by peaceful means and political agreement.

The document calls for a time-out for peace, urging KFOR and other missions to refrain from taking violent actions against Serbs in the north. It also envisages free passage of people and goods at administrative crossings and removal of the roadblocks.

The draft document seeks a permanent and sustainable political solution through the resumption of the open political process involving Priština, Belgrade, northern Kosovo Serbs and the international community.

It proposes that KFOR be in charge of control and security, including the establishment of control points in the places of Dudin Krš, Kosutovo – Zubče, Jagnjenica and elsewhere as needed.

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