Belgrade Re-Elects Dragan Djilas as Mayor

Democratic Party candidate Dragan Djilas has started his second term as mayor of Belgrade after 63 of the 110 members of the City Assembly voted for him.

“We will continue to do what we have been doing so far, which is continue our fight for a better Belgrade,” Djilas said after the vote.

He said that the city authorities would do their best to secure new jobs and investments over the coming four years.

After four years in charge of the capital, Djilas has succeeded in being recognised as one of the strongest and most successful mayors of the city.

He has spent his mandate pounding the streets, pressing flesh, opening kindergartens, schools, roads, ring roads, tunnels and highways. Critics, however, have accused him of trying to control the media.

The Belgrade City Assembly was formed on Tuesday after verification of the credentials of 110 councilors and the reelection of Aleksandar Antic of the Socialists as president.

The new Assembly has 50 members from the list led by the Democrats, 37 from the Progressives, 13 from the Socialists-led coalition and 10 from the Democratic Party of Serbia.Dragan Djilas, who will be at the helm of the Serbian capital for another four years, has pledged to continue the fight for a better Belgrade.

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