Ex-Kosovo Secret Service Boss to Testify on Agency

The last head of the disbanded Kosovo Secret Services Agency, Kadri Veseli, is to testify on Wednesday in the trial of Nazim Bllaca on SHIK’s role.The former director of Kosovo’s Secret Agency, SHIK, Kadri Veseli, is due to appear on Wednesday at a trial to testify about the workings of the disbanded organization.

Veseli is to appear in the trial of a self-professed former SHIK agent, Nazim Bllaca, who in 2009 admitted having carried assassinations on behalf of the agency.In a second trial, known as “Bllaca 2”, six suspects, Sadik Abazi, Shaban Syla, Bekim Syla, Driton Hajdari, Fahredin Uka and Fahredin Gashi are charged – based on Bllaca’s testimony – with killing Salih Gashi, and with two counts of attempted murder.

SHIK emerged from the ranks of the KLA following the end of the war with Serbia in 1999, and then became the intelligence arm of the now ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK.

Veseli has been summoned by the Pristina District Court to appear on Wednesday and explain the role of the agency, which Bllaca says killed the PDK’s political rivals after the 1999 war.

Kosovo was shaken by the revelations of Bllaca, and a former KLA soldier, Fahredin Gashi was sentenced to 18 years, following Bllaca’s testimony.

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