Bosnia’s New Coalition Changes Federation Parliament Chiefs

New parliamentary majority in the Federation entity, led by the Social Democrats, has voted to dismiss the President and Vice-President of the parliament and appoint new men.Deputies of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, the Alliance for a Better Future, SBB, the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ and its sister party HDZ 1990 – and two MPs of two small parties – held a session at the House of Representatives, one of two chambers of parliament in the Federation entity.The session on June 26 was not officially called by the President, Denis Zvizdic, a member of the Party of Democratic Action, SDA, but was led by Mira Grgic, the Chamber’s Vice-President, from the SDP.

MPs then voted to dismiss Zvizdic of the SDA and Stanko Primorac, the Vice-President of the parliament, a member of the Croatian Party of Right, HSP.

The head of the SDP caucus in the entity parliament, Jasenko Selimovic, said the changes reflected the changes in the ruling coalition.

“We are asking Prime Minister Nermin Niksic to start dismissing ministers from the parties which are not part of the new coalition,” Selimovic said. “We are all aware of the new coalition of the four parties,” he added.

He was referring to the new coalition in Bosnia between the SDP, the SBB and the two HDZs, replacing the coalition between the SDP, the SDA and some smaller Croat parties – namely the HSP and the People’s Party Work for Progress, NSRZB.

Their ministers are now expected to leave government since the new parliamentary majority was formed.

At Tuesday’s session a new leadership was appointed with Fehim Skaljic, of the SBB, as Parliament’s President, and Tomo Vidovic, of the SDP, as Vice-President.

The 58 lawmakers present also called on the President of the Federation entity, Zivko Budimir, of the HSP, and the Vice-President, Mirsad Kebo, of the SDA, to resign.

SDA lawmakers said they would ask the Constitutional Court of the Federation to declare the June 26 session against the constitution and restore the old leadership.

Bosnia’s latest political turbulence started on May 31 when the SDP and the SDA ended their coalition after the SDA refused to support the 2012 state budget.

The SDP then terminated its coalition with the SDA at all levels of government and demanded that the Prime Minister dismiss the SDA ministers from the state government.

The Prime Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda, decided on Monday to dismiss SDA officials from the state government.

SBB chief Fahrudin Radoncic has already said he intends to take the post of Security Minister once the SDA minister is dismissed.

The State Defence Ministry is likely to go to the SDP and the position of Deputy Finance Minister to an SBB candidate.

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