Montenegro To Host Igman Initiative’s Summit

The President of Montenegro and the Minister of the Interior spoke to the delegation of the regional NGO, promising the country will host its next conference and actively follow its recommendations.President Filip Vujanovic and Interior Minister Ivan Brajovic met on Wednesday with Branko Lukovac, Aleksandar Popov, Vehid Sekic, Branislav Radulovic and Tanja Bakalbasic, representatives and experts of the regional NGO Igman Initiative.

Igman Initiative is a network of over 100 NGOs from the signatory countries of the Dayton Agreement – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.The mission of the NGO is to contribute to the reconciliation between regional countries and to exert positive pressure on officials to resolve key problems of the so-called Dayton Quadrangles’ countries.

On Wednesday, its representatives familiarised Montenegrin officials with the project “Expert Elaboration of Unresolved Issues Among the Countries Signatories of the Dayton Agreement: Issues of Citizens’ Property and Status”.

They also presented “White Paper,” which is a publication that presents an overview of the problems pertaining to individuals’ statuses and property rights that resulted from Yugoslav disintegration and recommends solutions.

Brajovic promised that his ministry would contribute to accomplishing the objectives that were recommended by the White Paper.

He emphasised that the Montenegrin government undertook a comprehensive list of activities to solve issues that were created by the dissolution of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Those activities resulted in progress, notably in regional cooperation and in efforts to find long-term solutions for refugees, Brajovic added.

During the meeting with its delegation, President Vujanovic confirmed Montenegro’s readiness to host the next Igman Initiative annual summit, which will be held later this year.

The NGO’s representatives congratulated Montenegro on beginning accession negotiations with the EU, which should officially start on Friday.

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