Band to Kick off Montenegro’s ‘Resistance Month’

Anti-government campaign takes on a more musical flavour with the launch of a month-long arts programme.The NGO, the Network for Affirmation of Non-Governmental Sector, MANS, the main organizer of frequent civic protests in Montenegro, has announced the launch of a series of cultural events under the name of Resistance Month.

A live gig by the alternative band Zoon politikon, which is supposed to take place on Thursday, at one of Podgorica’s night bars, will open the programme.“Alternative music is the music of resistance and, hence, it will be promoted by the civic front and by musicians who spread the idea of resistance over the next month in Podgorica cafes,” a statement by MANS said.

Parties will be organized each Thursday as an opposition to the “music of conformism” and to the values “promoted by those who don’t care about Montenegro’s interests”, the statement adds.

The programme won’t consist solely of music performances, but of exhibitions and other cultural events as well.

MANS, along with the Association of Free Trade Unions and Students’ Union, has already organized parties, exhibitions and auctions of paintings as part of the fund-raising campaign for their protests.

The campaign to force the government to quit took on an artistic flavour at the end of May, with an exhibition of political caricatures and book-readings in front of government building in Podgorica.

Montenegro has experienced numerous anti-government protests since January.

The protesters’ demands first included a more efficient fight against corruption and organised crime, investigation into dubious processes of privatization, better respect for students’ and workers’ rights and freedom of speech.

However, since they say the government has failed to meet their demands, since the beginning of May the protesters have demanded its resignation.

The last civic protest took place on June 7 in Podgorica.

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