It’s Official: Bulgaria Needs New Anti-Terrorism Concept

Bulgaria needs a new assesment of terrorist threats against it, officially stated Bulgaria’s Consultative Council on National Security, which was assembled by President Rosen Plevneliev Thursday.

The July 18 suicide bombing against a bus full of Israeli tourists in the Bulgarian sea resort city of Burgas, which killed 6 people, was high on the agenda of the Council’s sitting.“After an analysis, an upgrade of the conceptual model for counteracting terrorism is needed,” says the official statement from the meeting, as presented by President Plevneliev.

The Consultative Council on National Security has advised Bulgaria’s government to conduct a new assesment of the security environment, to update the anti-terrorism conceptual model, and to improve the crisis center at the Council of Ministers.

Thursday’s sitting of the National Security Council lasted 5 hours.

According to Bulgarian legislation, the Council is convened by the President, and is composed of the Speaker of Parliament, leaders of parliamentary groups, the PM, and key security minsiters.

Upon exiting from the meeting, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov refused to comment regarding developments in the investigation of last week’s anti-Israeli terror attack in Bulgaria.

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