Serbia Gets New Top Security Officials

New Serbian leaders have appointed the director of the Security-Information Agency and the Council for National Security secretary.Three months after the May general elections in Serbia, the ruling Progressives occupied top security positions in the country.

Aleksandar Vucic, First Deputy PM and Defence Minister, was appointed secretary of the Council for National Security on Friday in Belgrade.Vucic, who is the acting head of the Progressives, was nominated at the session of the National Security Council in the Presidency building.

This was the second session the Council staged after the elections. The Council held its first session on June 1, a day after Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic was sworn in and assumed office.

His party colleague, Nebojsa Rodic, was appointed the new director of the Security-Information Agency, BIA.

Rodic, who has served as the general secretary of Nikolic, is known to the public as being the former secretary of the State Election Commission, RIK, in 1996 and 1997, when opposition parties accused the institution of organising election fraud.

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