Serbia won’t join NATO, defense minister says

He stressed that Serbia would not join NATO.

The minister explained that Serbia would continue to develop good cooperation with everybody within the Partnership for Peace program.

Vučić and Ashenhurst stressed the importance of cooperation in the State Partnership Program which is mutually important and useful in all segments of bilateral military cooperation, the Serbia’s Defense Ministry stated in a release.The Serbian minister expressed hope that the Ohio National Guard would continue to support Serbia’s reform of the defense system, especially in professionalization of armed forces, participation in joint training and drills, strengthening of regional cooperation and further education of Serbia’s Defense Ministry and Serbian Army (VS) members.

He thanked the U.S. for its help in modernization of systems and for the donation of 17 Hummer vehicles.

Vučić also stressed the importance of the National Guard’s expert help in further development of the VS Jug base and upcoming training of VS priests.

Ashenhurst noted that the State Partnership Program was one of the best U.S. had and confirmed that her country would continue to support and help Serbia.

She suggested that Vučić Ohio and learn more about capacity and abilities of the National Guard.

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