Strasbourg Tells Serbia to Pay Former Fighters

European human rights court says Serbia needs to pay the overdue wages of former fighters.Serbia need to pay around 2 billion dinar [17 million Euros] to veterans of the conflicts of the 1990s, the European Court for Human Rights has ruled.The lawyer who represented the veterans, Srdjan Aleskic, said that the court had sent its decision to the Serbian government on August 28.

“The government has three months to object to the decision and six months to find money for the wages,” Aleksic explained.

The Court ruled in favour of the war veterans on July 10, in a closed session.

The decision affects war veterans from seven municipalities from south Serbia who appealed to the Court after the government refused to pay their overdue wages in 2008.

The exact number of the war veterans in Serbia is unknown. The Ministry of Defence says around 500,000 people are considered veterans. But some war veterans groups say the number is much higher and exceeds 700,000.

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