Serbia, Bosnia PMs Vow to Look to Future

Bosnia and Serbia should look forward and leaving their unhappy past behind them, the prime ministers of both countries agreed on Wednesday.Bosnia’s Prime Minister, Vjekoslav Bevanda, and Ivica Dacic, his Serbian partner, pledged to build a fresh relationship between the two countries in Sarajevo on September 12.Putting the bloody conflicts of the 1990s behind them, Bevanda and Dacic said that the relationship needed now to focus on the future.“We should turn less to what happened before between the two countries and start working on concrete issues and looking forward,” Bevanda said on Wednesday after meeting Dacic. “There is a lot we can solve without making new problems,” he added.

The Serbian Prime Minister said that the two former Yugoslav republics should explore mutual interests and work on them together.

“There are no countries nor peoples closer to each other than the people of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro,” Dacic said.

“I think we have many more interests together than we have problems,” Dacic continued. “There is, for example, so much room for investment in each other and we can also work on regional projects and apply together for European funds.”

Referring to a question by Balkan Insight, Dacic said that Serbia’s new attitude towards Bosnia was not influenced by Brussels.

“They don’t have to tell me in Brussels what kind of relations Serbia should have with Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dacic noted. “Those relations should be good.”

“They [in the EU] are not smarter than we are,” Dacic added.

Dacic is in Sarajevo due to Balkan security conference, organized by the Bosnian Ministry and the American University, focusing on cyber criminal and technologies.

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