Statement following the meeting between President Barroso and President Băsescu

President Barroso met today with President Băsescu to discuss the institutional and political developments in Romania and the current issues of the European agenda.

President Barroso expressed his concerns about recent political events in Romania and the image that this has created with European Union partners. He made it clear that the European Commission will not compromise on the need for all member states to respect the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and the respect for constitutional rulings. President Barroso underlined the importance of a stable political and legal framework for Romania’s credibility and economic and financial situation.Following the return to office of President Băsescu, the President of the European Commission made clear that all political forces in Romania, in government and in opposition, should act with responsibility and restraint and to set their focus very firmly on the urgent need to restore institutional and political stability. This will be especially important in the run-up to the parliamentary elections this autumn.

President Barroso stressed the importance of continuing with the efforts towards achieving the objectives of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and the fact that the European Commission will continue to monitor the situation in the next months.

President Barroso and President Băsescu also exchanged views on the current situation in the European Union and in particular in the Euro Area. They had the opportunity to discuss the different announcements made by President Barroso during his State of the Union address in the European Parliament. More specifically, they talked about the Commission proposals for the Banking Union and the Single Supervisory Mechanism, which will reinforce the Euro Area while preserving the interests of non-Euro Area members and the integrity of the Single Market. On the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the Presidents agreed on the need to have an ambitious budget for the EU, which can guarantee an ambitious cohesion policy and provide leverage for competitiveness and growth in the EU.

President Barroso reiterated his support for Romanian Accession to Schengen and the need for the Romanian authorities to reinforce current management of EU funds.

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