Bosnian Muslims Chose New Chief Mufti

Husein Kavazovic has been chosen as the new Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina .The Mufti of the northeast Bosnian town of Tuzla, Husein Effendi Kavazovic, has been chosen as the new Chief Mufti of the country’s Islamic Community amongst two other candidates at a session of the main body of the Islamic Community on Sunday.

Kavazovic was supported by 240 votes, the candidate from the mid-Bosnian town Travnik, Nusret Abdibegovic, won 69 votes, while Sarajevo’s Mufti Husein Smajic got 45 votes.

“I am aware of the obligations and responsibility that I have been entrusted with and I pray to God to give me strength to deal with them with honour and dignity,” Kavazovic said.

The President of the Sabor of the Islamic Community in Bosnia, Safet Softic, says that main focus for Kavazovic and the whole institution in the upcoming period will be the new constitution.

The former Reis-ul-ulema, Chief Mufti Mustafa Ceric, who led the Islamic Community for the past 19 years, will hand over the post to Kavazovic on November 19, when his mandate officially expires.

Kavazovic is originally from Gradacac, near Tuzla. He attended the Islamic high school in Sarajevo and went on to study Sharia law in Cairo, Egypt. He held the post of Mufti in Tuzla since 1993.

The Reis-ul-ulema is the head of Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Muslim diaspora from the country.

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