Serbia Launches Corruption Probe Against Former Minister

The new Serbian government has launched a corruption probe into the dealings of Oliver Dulic, former Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning.The Serbian parliament will discuss on Monday the parliamentary Administrative Committee’s proposal to revoke the immunity of Oliver Dulic, the former Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning.

If revoked, Dulic could be sentenced from two to 12 years in prison if found guilty for abuse of office.

The Serbian police had tried to arrest the former minister in his home in the northern town of Subotica on Saturday morning but he pleaded immunity and scheduled a press conference at noon in the Serbian parliament.

He said that he would report himself to the police after the press conference.

“I have never broken the law and I will prove it,” the former minister told the press conference.

Miljko Radisavljevic, the Public Prosecutor for Organised Crime, announced that he would file a request for revoking MP’s immunity later in the day.

The prosecution suspects that Dulic illegally issued permits for mounting of optic cables on roads across the country.

According to Radisavljevic, the Prosecutor’s Office has been conducting the pre-investigative proceedings since March 2012 concerning the permits.

“The data which the police gathered so far show that there is reason to believe that three individuals committed the crime of abuse of office listed in Article 359 of the Criminal Code because the law on planning and construction was violated in the procedure to issue permits by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning,” Radisavljevic explained.

He specified that the eight issued permits were delivered to the Nuba Invest company from Belgrade.

In the action early on Saturday, police detained Nebojsa Janjic, former Assistant Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning, and Zoran Drobnjak, former director of the state owned company Putevi Srbije [Roads of Serbia]

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