Deal Ensures Montenegro Coalition Working Majority

The coalition that came first in the recent general election has signed an agreement with the ethnic minority parties, ensuring it a majority in parliament.Milo Djukanovic, head of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, and the DPS-led “European Montenegro” coalition, which won 39 of 81 seats in the October general election, signed an agreement with Rafet Husovic, leader of the Bosniak Party, on Tuesday.

A new government is thus now only a matter of formalities, as the DPS-led coalition has now ensured its majority in parliament.

Last week, three political formations representing ethnic minority Bosniaks, Albanians and Croats – the Bosniak Party, FORCA, and the Croatian Civic Initiative – which together won five mandates in October, agreed a joint platform for talks with Djukanovic’s coalition.

The DPS last Thursday stated that the minority party demands were acceptable and were not an obtacle preventing formation of a new government, whose priorites would be furthering EU and NATO integration and promoting overall social and economic progress.

After Tuesday’s agreement was signed, Djukanovic stated that the minority parties would nominate the vice-speaker of parliament.

He was less specific about the distribution of government posts, however.

“We have agreed that the issues of concrete distribution (of posts) in government should be addressed by the prime minister-designate, once that is defined,” he said, adding that the name of the new leader might be known by the end of this week.

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