Djukanovic Unveils New Govt in Montenegro

After parliament endorsed the programme and structure of his goverment late on Tuesday, Milo Djukanovic has officially returned as Montenegro’s Prime Minister.Milo Djukanovic’s new government, led by his Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, has 16 ministers and 4 vice prime ministers. The former Prime Minister, Igor Luksic, has been appointed Foreign Minister and Vice Prime Minister.

The leaders of the Bosniak and Croatian ethnic minority parties, Rafet Husovic and Marija Vucinovic, who, together with a coalition representing the Albanian minority have ensured a parliamentary majority for the new government, also get their share of posts.

Husovic will be Vice Prime Minister in charge of regional development, while Vucinovic will be Minister Without Portfolio.

Djukanovic stepped down as Prime Minister in December 2010, handing over his post to Luksic, who was then Finance Minister.

Presenting his programme, Djukanovic listed European and NATO integration, the fight against organized crime and corruption, establishment of the rule of law and the creation of 40,000 jobs as top priorities.

Opposition politicians criticised both the return of the former PM and his DPS, which has been the main pillar in each Montenegrin government since the start of the political transition from Communism in 1990.

The general election in Montenegro was held on October 14, along with local elections in the towns of Budva, Niksic and Kotor.

The DPS and its allies in the European Montenegro Coalition won 39 of the 81 seats. Bosniak, Albanian and Croat ethnic minority parties won six mandates and have since allied with the DPS.

The remaining 36 seats are held by opposition Socialist People’s Party, the Democratic Front and Positive Montenegro.

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