Montenegro on Alert Over Bad Weather Forecast

The Montenegrin authorities have issued a warning because of the bad weather which is expected over the weekend.The forecast predicts that on Saturday the country will be hit by a strong cyclone, which might bring heavy rainfall in the central and souther regions and snowfall in the north of the country.

Combined with the strong wind, the cyclone might affect the traffic, the distribution of electricity and functioning of tellecomunication services, the Ministry of Interior warned on Friday.

The warning was delivered to all competent authorities, mayors and local protection and rescue services in the country.

The Ministry of Interior will hold a session on Saturday and decide on emergency response.

Although the rainfall and snowfall is expected to tail off on Sunday, extremely low temperatures, frost and strong winds might cause snowstroms in the mountaneous regions and snow drifts on the roads in those areas, the forecast predicts.

Montenegro and neighboring countries were gripped by the heavy snowfall this February which paralysed the country. People from the rural areas were cut off, since the traffic was not functioning.

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