Kosovo Comes Close to 100th Recognition

Pakistan became on Monday the 98th state to recognize Kosovo’s independence, moving the country a step closer to its strategic goal of achieving 100 recognitions by the end of 2012.“Pakistan has decided to accord recognition to the Republic of Kosovo. The decision has been made in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kosovo,” a press release issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, says.

Officials in Kosovo’s Foreign Ministry said it was now expecting a verbal note of recognition from Pakistan.

“We expect the verbal note to come in very soon, so diplomatic relations with Pakistan can be established,” Drilon Zogaj, press officer at the Ministry, told BIRN.

On December 11, Kosovo was recognized by the Commonwealth of Dominica, a Caribbean island state.

Kosovo declared independence in February 2008.

Serbia insists it will never recognize Kosovo’s statehood and that Kosovo remains, in its eyes, a province of Serbia.

It is supported in this stance by Russia and China. Five EU states have also refused to recognise Kosovo: Slovakia, Spain, Romania, Cyprus and Greece.

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