Problems with Albania’s Electoral Lists Alarm Watchdog

A watchdog group of NGOs on Wednesday warned that Albania’s institution have already missed the legal deadline to publish voting lists ahead of the June parliamentary elections.“The process of preparing and announcing preliminary electoral rolls, based residence and voting centres, has not respected the legal deadline,” the Coalition of Local Observers said.

“Based on Albania’s electoral code these lists should have been prepared and published by January 3,” the Coalition added.

Albania has long history of elections that do not meet international standards and end in political disputes.

The 2013 elections, due on June 23, are seen a key test for the country’s already battered aspirations for EU membership.

The Coalition expressed concern that many local government offices had disregarded the law while others seemed unaware of the deadline to publish the voting lists.

The watchdog group also called on the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Registration offices to show professionalism in their work, pointing out that the process had been blocked in several municipalities for a lack of office supplies.

“The Ministry of Interior should take immediate steps to supply Civil Registration Offices in the municipalities of Kavaja, Kucova and Lushnja, where the publication of the list has been stalled by lack of printing cartridges,” it concluded.

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