Croatia Activists Seek Repeat Vote on EU

A Croatian civic initiative called the Referendum Rebellion is collecting signatures demanding a repeat referendum on Croatia’s EU accession, among other points.Besides a referendum on the EU, the group seeks votes on banning genetically modified products, on privatisation and on sales of state land.

Group leader Zoran Mihajlovic on Tuesday urged people to sign the referendum request, “to stop arbitrariness of the politicians and the wrong direction the country is heading in”.

Another member of the initiative, Aleksandar Soltisyk, said the EU referendum needed to be repeated because “the EU is a loser at all levels” in which “Croatia as a nation has no chance of survival”.

Referendum Rebellion members have not made it clear whether they want a referendum on each of the subjects, or one referendum for all of them.

By Croatian law, if 10 per cent of all voters sign a petition, which means more than 400,000, a vote can take place on the relevant issue.

Croatia last held a referendum on joining the European Union on January 22, 2012, in which 66 per cent of those who turned out voted in favour of Croatian membership.

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