Croatian HDZ Throws Out Former PM Kosor

The Croatian Democratic Union has expelled Jadranka Kosor, the former party president and Prime Minister, following her criticisms of her successor.The five-member high court of honour of the Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, unanimously decided to eject Kosor following media interviews and statements deemed detrimental to the HDZ’s reputation.

The Zagreb city branch of the HDZ had filed a motion against Kosor, saying that her public statements criticised the party leadership and policy.

The court of honour’s decision is not final and Kosor can appeal it within the next eight days.

Kosor said the disciplinary action conducted against her violated the party’s own statute.

She said the Zagreb city branch of the HDZ had no authority to launch proceedings against members of the party presidency.

The former HDZ leader accused the current party leadership of “sloppiness” in the case mounted against her.

In December 2011, the HDZ under Kosor lost a parliamentary election to the Social Democrats, losing power for the first time in eight years. The election results left the party shaken.

In internal presidential elections in May 2012, the party replaced Kosor, leader of the party since 2009, with Tomislav Karamarko.

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