Montenegro Daily Publishes New Compromising Leaks

The pro-opposition daily Dan on Monday published another leak designed to discomfort the ruling party – a letter from the manager of a key post office listing the political affiliation of his employees.The pro-opposition daily newspaper Dan has published more leaks that embarrass the country’s ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS.

The latest says that Dragan Tomasevic, manager of the post office in Podgorica’s main street, wrote to Milan Martinovic, head of the Montenegrin postal service, in April 2009 listing the party preferences of 20 of his employees, noting that two of them fiercely oppose the ruling DPS.

According to Dan, Tomasevic’s leaked letter reveals that he made use of personal data from the agency for public security.

The newspaper also says that its source, an employee in the post office, addressed the Montenegrin ombudsman, Sucko Bakovic back in 2010, complaining of intimidation in the workplace.

Dan noted that the criminal code envisages up to a year’s imprisonment for persons who collect unauthorized personal data and misuse it.

Starting from February 15, the anti-government newspaper has published numerous leaks that suggest that the DPS has used controversial and underhand tactics to keep itself in power.

One earlier leaks suggested that the head of the post office in the town of Niksica asked the consent of the head of the local DPS municipal board before hiring three people.

The daily newspaper has called leaks prime evidence of the abuse of state resources by the DPS.

The DPS officials involved in the so far leaks have denied wrongdoing, calling for the records of the sessions to be analysed more closely.

Milo Djukanovic, the Prime Minister, has also made light of the leaks. On February 26 he described the affair as a “tragi-comic attempt to re-run Watergate”, referring to the famous leaks that brought down US President Richard Nixon.

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