Turkish Foreign Ministry to meet Syriac leaders

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has invited four Syriac Metropolitans to a meeting that will take place in Ankara on March 18, amid growing interest in the community.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is also expected to participate in the meeting, alongside Turabidin Metropolitan Samuel Aktaş, Adıyaman Metropolitan Melki Ürek, Mardin-Diyarbakır Metropolitan Saliba Özmen, and Istanbul Metropolitan Yusuf Çetin.

Some of the Syrian Syriacs heading to Turkey have taken refuge in the Deyrülzafaran Monastery, located in the southeastern province of Mardin, while those with relatives in Turkey have chosen to live with them. A high proportion of the refugees passed to a third country through Turkey. Ürek said the Foreign Ministry’s invitation was very significant for them and that they were ready to play their part.

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