Turkey asks EU to begin all chapters at once

Turkish President Abdullah Gul is currently in Sweden on a formal trip addressed Swedish Parliament where he stated that chapters need to be opened for an effective EU negotiation process.

Gul said in reply to Swedish MPs: “As you said earlier, there are rooted reforms are taking place in Turkey. We always keep rising the standards of Turkey’s human rights, democracy and legal system as our own people, Turkish people, our citizens deserve these.”

He also stressed that Turkey’s EU accession would be a major contribution to the EU in the fields like energy and said: “Caucasus, Middle East, Central Asia. All energy sources will head to EU over Turkey and the energy dependency of Europe is obvious. We are a source to ensure that via different ways. However, we cannot even open the energy chapter. It is impossible to find a logical explanation to that. In this respect, we need to regenerate this negotiation process. France opens a chapter but I do not think that the opening of one chapter will have an effect on the negotiation process. If we want a serious effect, then all frozen chapters need to be opened.”

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