Croatia PM Accuses Opposition of Chauvinism

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has accused the opposition Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, of fanning anti-Serbian sentiment to divert public opinion from their lack of other policies.Croatia’s Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, has expressed his regret that the country has to deal with fresh ethnic tensions in the middle of a grave economic and social crisis.

“Our political opponents are not capable of competing in any other field except in the field of rallying nationalistic voters,” he told Zagreb-based daily Jutarnji List on Saturday.

Commenting on a series of recent anti-Serbian public rants in Croatia, he said that the “current outbursts of chauvinism were planned and realized by the HDZ”.

Milanovic has had to fend off claims of interfering with the media following recent dismissals of Croatian Radio Television journalists and editors.

This took place after he slated a news show in which a right-wing MP, Ruza Tomasic, was allowed to broadcast several inflammatory statements.

On March 20, HRT replaced two editors and a presenter after Milanovic said they allowed hate speech to be aired on prime-time news.

However, the Prime MInister denied ordering the sackings.“It is almost below my personal dignity to respond to accusations that I have anything to do with any staffing changes in HRT. I do not and never will,” he said.

“I am not planning on interfering with anyone’s editing policies,” he added.

The latest outburst of anti-Serbian passions took place during Friday’s World Cup qualifier between Serbia and Croatia in Zagreb when some Croat fans chanted: “Kill the Serb”.

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