Turkey says stories of deporting Syrians do not reflect the reality

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that some news stories arguing a large number of Syrians were forcefully sent back to Syria after the incidents in Akcakale Camp yesterday did not reflect the reality.

Answering a question on the incident, the Spokesperson for the Turkish MFA, Levent Gumrukcu said that Turkey provided security to more than 35,000 Syrians in Akcakale Camp.

“Around 200 Syrians attacked Turkish security forces on Wednesday with stones without a complaint or a demand at the Akcakale Camp,” Gumrukcu underlined.

“Turkish security forces took the necessary measures to end the attack,” Gumrukcu noted.

“Those Syrians who were not involved in the attack on Turkish security forces reacted fiercely against the group of Syrians who made the attack. Our security forces detected those involved in the attack after reviewing camera images. Around 130 Syrians, fearing reaction by other Syrians and facing legal action in Turkey, wanted to use their right to ‘return to Syria voluntarily’ and were sent back after official procedures were completed. All news stories arguing that the Syrians were deported do not reflect the reality,” Gumrukcu also said.

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