Bulgarian PM calls for in-depth analysis of South Stream

Bulgaria’s caretaker Prime Minister, Marin Raykov called for a new and more in-depth analysis of the Russian-sponsored South Stream gas pipeline project.

Speaking Wednesday at the regularly-scheduled meeting of the caretaker government, Raykov asked his ministers to organize a round table on South Stream.

“I think we need to review in detail this investment project since we are all aware that there are some sensitive issues around it,” he stated.

The South Stream pipeline is intended to transport up to 63 billion cubic meters of natural gas to central and southern Europe, diversifying Russian gas routes away from transit countries such as Ukraine. Construction started in December 2012 in Russia.

The pipes will go from Russia to Bulgaria via the Black Sea; in Bulgaria it will split in two – with the northern leg going through Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia to Austria and Northern Italy, and the southern leg going through Greece to Southern Italy.

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