Bulgarian Centre-Right party gets most votes, according to the preliminary results

imgAccording to the preliminary results, four parties pass the 4% parliamentary threshold.

The results are:

Center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria GERB party of former Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov gets 31.37%, of the votes, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) – 27.3%, the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) party – 9.14%, nationalist party Ataka – 7.59%, the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) – 3.68%, the Bulgaria for Citizens Movement – 3.36%, the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) – 3.07%,VMRO – 1.97%, the marginal conservative Order, Law and Justice (RZS) party – 1.71%, and the Leader party – 1.64%.

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