EU interior ministers met in Luxembourg to discuss Syria

imgEU interior ministers meeting in Luxembourg Friday had an in-depth discussion on the issue of foreign fighters and returnees from a counter-terrorism perspective.

Alan Shatter, Irish Minister for Justice and Defence told a press conference after the meeting that “we are particularly referring to young men from EU countries who have travelled to Syria to take part in the fighting there.” Shatter, whose remarks were picked up here, chaired the meeting as Irealnd holds the current EU Preidnecy.

“You have been aware with media report of several EU member states including Ireland. The return of foreign fighters to their homes in the EU poses specific risk, one being the risk of radicalizing others and the risk of carrying terrorist act in their own country,” he said.

“Our discussion focussed on what we can take at EU level to prevent this from occurring to adjust the threat which may be posed by some of these young men on their return home. Not all of those who went in Syria are necessarily radicalised but it is an aspect that seems important to us,” he added.

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