EU could start negotiations with Serbia in January at latest

Catherine Ashton said after meeting with Ivica Dačić that she will recommend the European Council to start negotiations with Serbia no later than in January.

She told a joint press conference in Brussels that she was “very happy that the foreign ministers of all 27 EU member states decided that the European Commission should start accession negotiations with Serbia.”

“I am happy that all 27 EU member states assessed that Serbia and Kosovo have done a big job, and I am very happy to be supporting Serbia’s path towards the EU and the commitment of its prime minister for political courage. I am extremely pleased with the conclusions of the Council of Ministers, which recommended to immediately open accession negotiations with Serbia and recommended January as concrete and the latest date,” said Ashton.

She noted that she would say this also to the European Council on Friday when it decides on Serbia, and added that she hoped its decision would be made based on these recommendations.

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