Serbia expects EU to defend the agreed position with Pristina

Rasim Ljajić says Priština “first accepted the proposed solution for telecommunications but now wants to change what has been agreed.”

The Serbian minister of trade and telecommunications added on Wednesday that Belgrade “expects the EU to defend the agreed position.”

“We cannot discuss things we already agreed on or we would never have an agreement, because each side can keep going back and asking for changes to agreements that have been made,” Ljajić said.

Ljajić explained that Priština’s representatives consented to issue a temporary license for Telekom Srbija’s base stations currently operational in Kosovo, which practically means a legalization of the present state, and in two years’ time Telekom would have the right to bid on a license at a tender along with other companies.

“Priština’s representatives agreed to this. We do not know what the problem is now and as far as we are concerned, we have harmonized a text and expect it to be implemented,” said Ljajić.

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