EU to cooperate with Kosovo and decide on EULEX mandate

EULEX’s mandate after June 2014 will be determined by EU states in close cooperation with Kosovo authorities, based on a joint assessment of the situation.

EULEX Spokeswoman Irina Gudeljevic said. 

“The decision on EULEX’s further mandate would be based on joint assessments of the situation and Kosovo needs- by agreement and in a coordinated way,” Gudeljevic noted.

Referring to a debate in the Kosovo assembly, she said that it is clear that “parliamentarians and Kosovo authorities want to see some changes when it comes to EULEX’s transition.”

On Thursday, the assembly in Priština adopted a resolution, urging that EULEX’s mandate should not be extended after June 2014, dissatisfied with the way in which the EU Mission is carrying out investigations and war crimes trials.

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