Turkey to discuss humanitarian aid to Syria in the next UN meeting

Turkey plans to dicsuss on September the ways to supply humanitarian aid to war-torn Syria in a UN conference in Geneva with the neighboring countries. Foreign Ministry spokesman says the best way would be to find a solution within the Syrian territory.

A United Nations meeting, with the participation of neighboring countries to Syria, is planned to take place in Geneva in September to focus on humanitarian aid for conflict-hit country, Spokesperson of Foreign Ministry of Affairs Levent Gümrükçü said yesterday at a press conference.

The meeting will discuss ways to meet the humanitarian needs of fleeing Syrians within the Syrian territory, an initiative made by Turkey, he added.

Elaborating on the reports claiming that new camps could be set up on the Syrian side of the Turkish border, “At this stage, we cannot talk about a certain plan. But the humanitarian situation in Syria is deteriorating and bringing pressure and risks for neighboring countries,” he said.

“In order to respond to a bigger inflow of refugees in the future, we are in touch with the UN. In this context, we proposed to hold a meeting with the neighbors of Syria; Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and the UN,” Gümrükçü added.

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