Egyptian FM meets with EU envoy

Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy met with a European Union (EU) envoy headed by EU Ambassador James Moran, in Cairo on Tuesday to discuss the future of EU-Egypt relations.

The meeting came one day ahead of the EU convening an “extraordinary” Foreign Affairs Council meeting at its Brussels headquarters to discuss how its members will respond to the current situation in Egypt.

In his meeting with Moran, Fahmy expressed “shock” at the EU failing to release a statement strongly condemning “terrorist acts,” include the burning of police stations and churches and the attacks on security troops in Sinai that have left 25 dead, according to a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs.

The minister also emphasised to the EU envoy that the Egyptian government has the right to protect its citizens from “violence and terrorism.” He added that it is vital for the transitional roadmap to progress uninterrupted by these attacks in order for Egypt to establish a democratic state.

The EU is to review its relations with Egypt, with talks of imposing an arms embargo and freezing its foreign aid, in light of the government’s recent crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

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