Bulgaria says it hosts 1,400 refugees from Syria

“Up to present the number of the refugees from Syria runs to 1,400,” said Bulgarian Minister of Interior Affairs Tsvetlin Yovchev said at a briefing.

Minister Yovchev is head of the National operational staff for management of the forces and means of the Bulgarian ministries and institutions, as well as of the coordinate use of the national resources for tackling the crisis situation deriving from the enhanced migration pressure at the border of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Over the past twenty-four hours we have 54 refugees, some 25 of whom are from Syria. The majority of the refugees in Bulgaria – around 80%, are Syrians,” the minister added.

“Over the past month the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior Affairs reports exceptional achievements in the fight against organised crime – in terms of homicides, robberies, drug labs, smuggling of cigarettes, tobacco. We are making significant progress even without the General Directorate for Fights against Organised Crime (GDBOP). We expect even better results,” Minister Yovchev remarked.

“I am thinking over what else we can do to report even better results. I have ideas in this direction,” he said further.

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