France praises growing political support to confront Syrian regime

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius downplayed importance of obtaining commitments from Europe with regard to possible military participation against Syria, but praised increased political support to confront the Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

In a statement to local media, Fabius said that France along with the US did not need financial nor military commitments from all European countries so they could launch a limited military response to punish Al-Assad’s regime after the recent chemical massacre in suburb of Damascus.

The French minister welcomed the political support and expressed hope that foreign ministers of the European Union (EU), gathered in Lithuania to strongly take action against the chemical attack on August 21st.

The minister considered that most of the European countries lack capabilities and means to provide military commitments, adding that “France is threatened for its role in defending international legislations and regulations on chemical weapons.” Last night, Fabius said, in a joint press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry, that “France and the United States stand together,” adding a punishing military strike was needed to redraw the red line against the use of chemical weapons.

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