Former Ambassador to Egypt says the US will continue to pressure for democracy

Former US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson said the US will continue to pressure Egypt to achieve democracy, implement the roadmap and form a new civil elected cabinet.

Patterson told the House committee on Foreign Affairs that the Middle East is expected to suffer from unrest for a long time.

Patterson said that US influence in the Middle East and Egypt has not declined and added that the recent change of regime and the declaration of the state of emergency has raised the concerns of Washington.

She also said that Egypt faces several challenges and that the conduct of elections is not the solution because they lack constitutional foundations.

She said that the US has to help Egypt develop the rule of the law, encourage the participation of minorities and to bolster the civil society and human rights organizations.

Patterson said that she cannot predict the outcome of a decision to review US aid to Egypt, particularly after the cancellation of the Operation Bright Star and the postponement of an F-16 aircraft deal to Egypt.

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