Libyan PM calls for foreign help on security

More than 3,000 Libyan men will soon head to Turkey, Italy, the UK and the US for training, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan announced on Sunday (September 22nd).

From road blockages to robberies, kidnappings and assassinations, Libyans are confronted at all sides with problems they blame on the absence of effective police, national army and security forces.

In a bid to tackle the situation, Zidan said that along with the foreign training project, some 200 commanders of revolutionaries would also be awarded military ranks in the army or police.

“This will boost the army with young individuals who have contributed to and led the fighting in the 17 February movement,” the premier added.

The foreign training initiative is just one of the ways Libya is now seeking help from its international partners.

Speaking this month at a London conference on foreign direct investment in Libya, Zidan called on the international community for help in achieving security.

Terrorists “from other countries” are trying to build a “stronghold” in Libya, Zidan said on September 17th.

“The government can only do so much,” Zidan told foreign business leaders gathered fin London for a 2-day Libya investment conference.

“The international community must help the state today to restore its institutions and system. Some think that the security situation is hindering Libya’s progress. This situation is not going to improve without the true and effective participation of the international community,” he said.

Zidan issued a dire prediction to the foreign investors: “I say frankly that if the international community does not help us collect arms and ammunition, then the return of security is going to take a long time.”

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