Bulgaria backs Turkey and Western Balkans on EU path

Bulgaria has reiterated its support for Turkey and Western Balkan countries’ EU accession efforts.

“Bulgaria has always been consistent in its support for the European future of the countries from the region. We are convinced that European integration is the only right way to achieve prosperity, security and stability,” Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry has said in a statement.

The statement follows the much-anticipated European Commission annual report assessing the progress made by the countries that have applied for membership.

The Foreign Ministry has assured that Bulgaria would continue backing the efforts of its “friends and neighbors.”

The statement underlines that “maintaining good-neighbor relations is an important indicator for the readiness to adopt the values and principles of the EU.”

Wednesday’s EC report on Macedonia noted that “a constructive approach to relations with neighbouring EU Member States remains important” – which apparently refers to Macedonia’s name dispute with Greece and the fact that the announced good-neighbor agreement with Bulgaria is not yet signed.


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