Serbia won’t join NATO, says Deputy PM

Serbia will not join NATO, but the country will also stay out of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which is under the umbrella of Moscow.

This is because Serbia’s goal is to be a militarily neutral country, Vučić reportedly said. 

Shoigu, described as enjoying great trust of President Vladimir Putin, besides promoting cooperation in the military field, was also interested in Serbia’s intentions with respect to NATO.

Vučić told the Russian minister said that the strategic orientation of Belgrade will not change, “because it was bound to this by the proclaimed military neutrality.” But Shoigu cited the example of Greece, where most of the population is against NATO yet this country joined the bloc. According to the article, Serbia’s first deputy premier “categorically responded”:

“Be assured that the political leadership of Serbia will uphold its Constitution and the parliamentary declaration on military neutrality. This stand of mine does not depend on whether I am presenting it in Brussels, Washington, or Moscow. ”


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