Belgrade pledges to continue dialogue with Pristina on all levels

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić on Tuesday in New York urged Priština and international factors “to secure conditions for holding the second round of local elections.”

This should be done in Serb municipalities in northern Kosovo “in order to avoid the brutal breach of election procedure registered on November 3,” the Serbian prime minister told the UN Security Council.

“Whereas Serbia has invested maximum efforts to encourage Kosovo Serbs to turn out in large numbers, Priština failed to provide even the most basic conditions for the ballot,” he said.

“It has not been easy to lobby in favor of elections in such an atmosphere, let alone turn out for such elections. In spite of all that, the Serbian government is extremely satisfied with the fact that more than 45,000 voters voted in Serb municipalities“, Dačić said.

He added that “it remains unclear why the OSCE asked the counting of ballots to be conducted outside Kosovska Mitrovica, in a location dominated by ethnic Albanians, when there was no reason for it“.

The community of Serb municipalities “will also be formed, not thanks to efforts of Kosovo institutions, but in spite of them,” Dačić said.

Irrespective of such a conduct of the Kosovo side, Serbia is firmly determined to continue discussions with Priština at all levels and to implement the reached agreements, he said.

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