US backs constitutional decisions in Ukraine

The United States of America, while encouraging de- escalation of the crisis in Ukraine supports constitutional, such as the formation of a coalition government and elections .

The U.S. State Department has highlighted the approach of restoring normalcy in Ukraine and help the nation. Plans for new diplomatic talks in Ukraine is also revealed and their willingness to help the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) in the distribution of aid to the nation , once a transitional government was established .

U.S. Undersecretary of State William Burns will travel to Kiev on Tuesday and on Wednesday , while Burns encourage continuous de- escalation of the political crisis when he meets with political, business and civil society representatives. Moreover, the U.S. ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in Ukraine has been in the country and maintains close contact with the Ukrainian authorities.

” We are certainly pushing for constitutional change ,” said State Department spokeswoman , Jennifer Psaki in a press conference held Monday night .

“The creation of a coalition government , early elections , which , as you know, have been called for the creation of a transitional government.”


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