Opposition Parties Ally in Bosnian Serb Entity

Several opposition parties in Republika Srpska have formed a united ‘Union for Changes’, which aims to take on the governing Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, led by Milorad Dodik, in Bosnia’s upcoming elections.

The Union for Changes was formally established at a ceremony held on April 30 in Banja Luka, the main city in Republika Srpska.

The leading parties in the bloc are the Serbian Democratic Party, SDS, the largest opposition party in the mainly Serbian entity, the Party of Democratic Progress, PDP, the People’s Democratic Movement, NDP, and the Serbian Radical Party of Republika Srpska, SRS RS.

‘Forming the Union for Changes means a new political ambient in Republika Srpska,’ Mladen Bosic, President of the SDS, said.

‘It is clear that two blocs have been created,’ he continued. ‘One that says everything should continue functioning the way it does now, and another advocates the deep and essential changes that are needed in Republika Srpska.’

The opposition bloc is supported by a number of non-governmental organizations, groups and individuals.

However, the entity President, Milorad Dodik, said the new would bloc would not win any elections, and if it did, it would be the death of the entity.

Speaking on Wednesday, Dodik said the union would contribute nothing good to Republika Srpska.

‘They would make a funeral of [Republika] Srpska if they came to power, which I am convinced they will not,’ Dodik said, adding that the Union for Changes should rather be called the “Union for Funerals”.

The parties taking part in the election coalition in Republika Srpska have meanwhile announced that they will run one candidate for the position of President of Republika Srpska, and for the post of Serbian member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, and form a government in the entity as a coalition.

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